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Wiltshire Astronomical Society Posts

2019 April Meeting & Newsletter

For our April meeting on Tuesday 2nd April 2019, we welcome back the long-time friend of the society and accomplished author, Martin Griffiths. Martin will delight us with his hopefully upbeat talk on “Universal Death, or How the Universe is trying to kill us”. Please see our meetings page for further details.

Accompanying the monthly meeting, is this month’s newsletter kindly put together by Andy Burns, featuring the latest news and events for Wiltshire AS and the other local astronomy societies (Download link).

Credit: Andy Burns
Andy’s image this month comes from his successful trip to Iceland in March to see the Northern Lights.

Smoke messiered things up …

Last Friday’s (29th March 2019) Wiltshire Astronomical Society observation session was very well attended and much interest was shown. Unfortunately, the attempted messier mini marathon was spoiled somewhat by a nearby bonfire obscuring many setting objects and the skies never quite became clear enough to make out anything remotely faint.

Of the planned 30 major targeted objects, I only managed to find 13 in total. However this was using the old fashion method of finding them i.e. star charts and finder scope. It was a good evening though with lots of friendly banter throughout and thanks goes to the observing coordinators and all members who attended.

Member post by Chris Brooks

Scheduled Observing Session Tonight

There is a scheduled (subject to email confirmation) observing session tonight, Friday 2th March 2019, meeting at 19:30 at Lacock, Wiltshire. Please see our observing page for further details.

Source: Wiltshire Astronomy Society

The observing team are hoping to chase down targets in a Mini Messier Marathon, see this list of suggested viewing order for Messier Objects (link) and this finder booklet to messier objects (link).

IMPORTANT NOTE. The final “ON”/”OFF” email alert on whether the session goes ahead will be sent to the Wiltshire AS Observing Email List usually by the afternoon of the day of the session. Members and non-members can subscribe to the observing mailing list through our observing page Please use the mailing list as the confirmation.

2019 March Meeting

We’re excited that we have got Chris Starr giving us a talk on “A Most beautiful Moon – A History of Lunar Exploration” for our March meeting on Tuesday 5th March.

Please see (link) to this month’s newsletter for further details of the meeting and this month’s activities.

Welcome to the new (still work in progress) website!

Almost as exciting as Apollo 8 … the Wiltshire Astronomical Society website has been updated!

Hi everyone. After taking some time to run through tutorials on how to build a website, today is the “soft” release of the updated Wiltshire Astronomical Society website. As you can see it is fairly basic at the moment (“minimal” as the web-designers put it!) but I hope to add images and more content over time, but this is a start.

Remember, we have an active public Facebook page (link) which provides a good place to engage with the society, as well as our members Facebook group too (link).

Some new features …

  • A Contact Us form for enquires. This is better than exposing email addresses on the website.
  • Details on up coming and past meetings. I hope to include a full back catalogue of newsletters. This is on the todo list. I want to improve the layout of the page to make it more readable, so please bear with me.
  • Details on the Observing Sessions, including a sign-up form for subscribing to our observing mailing list. This should make it easier to come along to our popular observing sessions.

On the to do list …

  • Add some much needed images on the website. I’m working on this!
  • Add an Outreach page, providing information on our outreach activities and how educators can get in touch.
  • Add a Resources page with links to related astronomy content.
  • Get feedback from our members on improvements and additional content they would like on the website! Use the “Contact Us” page (link)

Thanks for the support so far.