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Society Roles

The Wiltshire Astronomical Society consists of voluntary members of the public. A group of members have agreed to act in specific roles to allow the society to function and thrive.

These roles are voluntary and are agreed on at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The society can only function if members are willing to donate some (not much!) time. The coordinating team roles and current holders are listed below.

Please see PDF link to Society Roles summary document, detailing specific expections of the role.

Chair – Andy Burns (acting) > stepping down after 2022-2023
Treasurer – Sam Franklin
Observing Coordinator – Chris Brooks
Outreach Coordinator – Andy Burns
Hall/Supplies Coordinator – Vacant
Speaker Coordinator – Peter Chappell > stepping down after 2022-2023
Zoom Coordinator – Vacant
Newsletter/Publicity Coordinator – Andy Burns
IT Coordinator – Sam Franklin