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New Online Membership System Introduced

As of today the society is delighted to introduce a new online system which will manage our memberships and the associated payments. The system is provided by a third-party service called Membermojo.

So, how to join the society for the current “season” which runs to 31st August 2021.

  • Click “Membership” on the top menu, or follow, which redirects to the membermojo page
  • Click “Join/Renew” button.
  • Complete the basic forms (name, email address). We do not hold or want to hold any further details. No bank account information is held by us, that’s handled by a third-party for a fee.
  • Select the membership type. Currently there is only a single “annual” membership. NOTE further types of membership options will be added.
  • Select a payment method. For “online” options, you can use any card (credit/debit) or use your personal paypal account if you have one. Alternatively, select “OFFLINE” and I will seperately email you with BACS details or where to send a cheque. Using on online method does mean less work we understand if you’d cannot or would prefer an offline method.
  • Then, you should receive an email confirming membership and that will expire on 31st August 2021 (membership fees are not pro-rated). You should receive an alert before that as a reminder too.

Thanks in advance for your patience and we’d welcome any feedback.