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December Observing Suggestions

Wiltshire Astronomical Society Observing Suggestions for December 2020 @ 21:00

We have updated the observation targets this month for those with binoculars or smaller wide field telescopes to have something to search for.

The WAS Observing Team will provide recommended observing sessions for you to do while maintaining social distancing away from the home or as part of your social bubble at the homes of close friends or relatives. Please always follow the latest government guidelines if observing away from the home.

These observing recommendations will continue until we can start our group observing again (hopefully) in the new year.

Most target objects can be found around due South and South-West at about 21:00.

Where To Look This Month:
This month we concentrate on the constellation of Taurus.
Just select ‘What’s Up’ link below to get the PDF file.
What’s Up Link: