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Welcome to the new (still work in progress) website!

Almost as exciting as Apollo 8 … the Wiltshire Astronomical Society website has been updated!

Hi everyone. After taking some time to run through tutorials on how to build a website, today is the “soft” release of the updated Wiltshire Astronomical Society website. As you can see it is fairly basic at the moment (“minimal” as the web-designers put it!) but I hope to add images and more content over time, but this is a start.

Remember, we have an active public Facebook page (link) which provides a good place to engage with the society, as well as our members Facebook group too (link).

Some new features …

  • A Contact Us form for enquires. This is better than exposing email addresses on the website.
  • Details on up coming and past meetings. I hope to include a full back catalogue of newsletters. This is on the todo list. I want to improve the layout of the page to make it more readable, so please bear with me.
  • Details on the Observing Sessions, including a sign-up form for subscribing to our observing mailing list. This should make it easier to come along to our popular observing sessions.

On the to do list …

  • Add some much needed images on the website. I’m working on this!
  • Add an Outreach page, providing information on our outreach activities and how educators can get in touch.
  • Add a Resources page with links to related astronomy content.
  • Get feedback from our members on improvements and additional content they would like on the website! Use the “Contact Us” page (link)

Thanks for the support so far.