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New season 2022-2023 Speakers

We are looking forward to our new season and are pleased to annouce our list of speakers, below. Many thanks to our speaker Secretary Peter Chappell for his hard work in organising this. We have several speakers that are yet to annouce their topics but will confirm in due course.

We are planning to meet at Seend Hall as normal (pre-pandemic) – further details on the meetings page. However, several speakers will not be travelling in person, therefore will delilver their talk over zoom. We’d like to attempt to organise some audio-visual kit to be able to broadcast remote speakers into the Hall via the projector/speakers, and vice-versa broadcast in-person speakers over a zoom call to our remote members that cannot attend. This is under review and will update you further.

6 Sep 2022 Mark Radice > Observing the Deepsky
4 Oct 2022 Paul Money > The Trials & Tribulations of Voyager (speaker over zoom)
1 Nov 2022 Chris Hooker > The planet Mercury
6 Dec 2022 Martin Griffiths > How the Moon was formed
3 Jan 2023 Mike Alexander > Heaven’s on Earth (speaker over zoom)
7 Feb 2023 Prof. David Southwood > TBA
7 Mar 2023 Mary McIntyre > Shadows in Space & the stories they tell
4 Apr 2023 Chris Starr > Heavy Metal World
2 May 2023 Dr Paul A Daniels > TBA
6 Jun 2023 Andrew Lound > TBA